Microsoft Toolkit – a universal activator

office 2013 toolkit


Microsoft Toolkit -special activator for any of the versions of Windows. With advanced features, during the startup process, the program checks the data just about all products installed on your PC Microsoft, figuring out, in particular, what OS and office are on the computer, analyzing and producing the activation of the most profitable option. If the activation of one reason or another failed, Microsoft Toolkit will automatically attempt to resolve the error or reactivated with another option.

In addition, promoter displays detailed information about the standing or running the office, using a key to activate the product when it is completed during the activation of which version is installed and a lot of other useful information. Also included in the activator is a useful feature called “Backup” with the help of which the user has the ability to keep the license even after reinstalling the system Windows, or Office, using all the same special activator.

KMS Activator – activate corporate products

Activator code KMS allows you to activate corporate products like Microsoft Office 2010
Activator works on x86 – x64 Office 2010.

download kms activator office 2010Program Name: mini-KMS Activator v.1.31 Office 2010 VL
Software Version: 1.31
Latest version: 1.31
Language: English

Treatment: not required
System requirements:

Microsoft Office 2.01 thousand x86 / x64

KMS Activator Microsoft Office 2010 VL provides the following functions:
– To activate the corporate version of Office 2010 line;
– Check the status of activation of corporate versions of Office 2010 line;
– Trial reset Office 2010 line.

the main differences from the previous version 1.3

Improved recognition of the availability of the products installed Office 2010 on 64-bit versions of Windows.
Setting the counter discharges trial period of Office 2010 (the counter applies only to discharges made with the help of the activator).
Install / Uninstall KMS emulator as a Windows service in Beskonsolnaya mode.
Modified the algorithm install KMS emulator as a service Windows.
Resolve Conflicts with faerfollom the occasional run KMS emulator.
Copy function of the file path KMS emulator to add exceptions to the anti-virus programs.
Indexing of internal errors (eg., When blocking components of the activator anti-virus software).
Improved detection of the start of the activator as administrator.
Code optimization activator.